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Greetings and Welcome to S.A.D. to S.O.L!

My name is Araba Esoun (also known as Yolanda Manning) and I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee and have resided in Memphis, Tennessee for 5 years. My transition to Memphis was to pursue my graduate studies at the University of Memphis where I obtained my Masters Degree in Public Administration with a focus in Health and Public Policy (2016). Over the last 10 years I have experienced a unique health and wellness journey that has positioned me to be curious, passionate and a health enthusiast in understanding and educating individuals and family units about the basics and fundamentals of health and wellness. My most successful health accomplishment to date was my ability to transition from the Standard American Diet to a plant based lifestyle. Through this journey I have maintained a 90 pound weight loss, reversed skin and digestive ailments, overcame emotional connections to food, reversed and prevented generational disease and I have been able to develop a passion as a health influencer and advocate in the Memphis and Nashville communities, on and off the web. Ultimately, I’ve discovered my purpose, and been able to create an intentional and life altering program titled S.A.D to S.O.L. S.A.D to S.O.L stands for the Standard American Diet to Save-oring (and Sharing) Our Lives. S.A.D to S.O.L is focused on creating a sacred space to share, savor and revolutionize the way that the community thinks about healing by way of food and nutrition. The services offered include but are not limited to, one on one and group consultations/sharings, quarterly and seasonal health and food interactive workshop, meal prep services, public speaking and curating health and wellness events. I trust that you will take time to learn a little more about this movement and if you find something of interest that you reach out to further discuss/connect.

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