SAD to SOL 2


S.A.D to S.O.L stands for the Standard American Diet to Save-oring Our Lives. S.A.D to S.O.L is focused on creating a sacred space to share, savor and revolutionize the way that the culture thinks about health, food and nutrition.

Our programming consists of one on one and group consultations, monthly and quarterly food demonstration workshops and seasonal health and food themed topics, plant based meal prep and catering services, public speaking sharings and curating health and wellness events.

Are you ready for a trusted, experienced guide to support you in transforming your relationship with food and the impact it has on your health, body and overall life? You’re done with next Monday’s, dieting, and perfectionism and are ready for a real, healing and soul-based approach. Take a moment and answer the following questions if you answer yes to any listed, connect with us through the icon offerings below.

  • Do you often struggle with committing to your health and wellness goals?

  • Do you feel you have lost control over your weight and nutrition consumption?

  • Are you confused about where to start with living a plant based or seasonal eating lifestyle?

If any of these questions describe you, then YOU are in the right place! Take a look at the services that we offer below, and contact us for your health and wellness needs.

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